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  1. Prerequisites
  2. Area Overview
  3. Area Formats
  4. Area Settings
  5. Dependent Configurations
  6. Recommendations

This document describes how a User Registration area works when being displayed on a content managed web page within the TOTECS platform. This area allows guest users to sign up and create a new user within a TOTECS project, through the use of the registration process.


Please ensure that you have read and understand the following topic links before reading on.

Area Overview

The User Registration area allows an annonymous guest user visiting a content managed web site to fill out a form with their details, and create a new user within the TOTECS project.

This area displays a registration form according to the "user registration profile" assigned to area. The registration profile sets the mandatory fields that must be entered by the guest user when they are registering. It also sets the customer account, user permission roles, active state, as well as product deals that are all set when the user has successfully registered. The area can be configured so that the user can choose from several registration profiles, based on the profile which is most applicable to them.

Once a user has filled out their details and successfully registered, an Email notification will be sent to the Email address entered by the user, as well as an Email to an administrator Email associated with the project.

In the area's "User Registration Form", the labelling of the registration form fields can be customised, as well as the fields that are visible for the user to fill out. Optionally password fields can be displayed in the form that allow the user to set their own password, or else the system can randomly generate a password for the user, which is given to them after an administrator accepts their registration.

Based on the registration profile assigned to the area, it can restrict the users allowed to register based on the ending of their Email address, also known as the domain. For example a profile could be configured so that only people from a government agency can register by entering an email address with This is controlled in the user registration profile settings.

In the registration form, it can be set to display a list of user subscription categories that the user can choose to sign up and receive Emarketing for. This is handy in the future to target information to users who want to listen and obtain more information, via the use of the Emarketing features built into the platform.

Area Formats

The area contains the following formats:

User Registration Form

The format displays once within the area containing the form inputs that enable a user to enter their details, according to the registration profile assigned to the area.

User Registration Result Message

This format displays once within the area after the user has successfully registered. Use this format to advise the user of the successful registration, and any further steps required for them to follow.

User Registration Email

The format displays once within the Email notification that is set to the user after a successful registration. Use this format to complement the User Registration Result Message, or display additional information that of relevance to the user, such as login details.
Ensure that if you embed HTML in this format, that it is based on older HTML standards that Email application support. For example use tables to structure the styling of the Email.

User Registration Success Email

The format displays once within the Email notification that is sent of the administration person that oversees user registrations. This format can describe to the administrator the details of the user's registration, and any steps required to further their registration, such as performing background checks, or other processes.


Layout of Formats:

Step 1: Fill Out Registration Form:

User Registration Form Format

Step 2: Successful Registration Message Displayed to User:

User Registration Result Message Format

 Step 3: Successful Registration Email Sent to User:

User Registration Email Format

Step 4: New User Registration Email Sent to Admin:

User Registration Success Email Format

Area Settings

Below are the following settings that can be configured through the area's editor when modifying the area in the Web Page Editor, within the Administration Centre.

Setting Label Description
Login Link to Targe Page: The content managed web page that users will be redirected to once they have successfully registered.
Account Type to Register New Users To: Set the User Registration Profile that users see when the area is first displayed on the web page.

Dependent Configurations

  • In order for the area to assign users to Product Deals once they have registered, the Product Deals feature must be turned on. Additionally the guest user must be assigned to a Facility Role permission that has the permission "View Deals" set to allow.
  • To allow the user to set their own password when registering, the "set_password" and "check_password" hooks must be embedded in the User Registration Form format.


  • You can customise the error messages that the user sees if they do not enter correct information in the form through the validation error message settings associated with the user registration profile assigned to the area.
  • You can set the user registration profile so that once the user is created, that user is marked as inactive, this allows any background checks to be performed before you notify the user, and activate their user once they have passed the checks.
  • You can assign file attachments to a registration profile, which can be set to display in the registration form of the area. This makes available additional paper to the user if its required when they sign up.
  • Avoid putting the user's password into the registration Email is possible. Emails are typically sent over the internet unsecured and can have its contents read by any computer or person that the Email gets transferred to. Ideally allow the user to set their password at the time of registration, and have the User Registration area placed on a secure content managed web page that protects the users details when they are submitted to the server.
  • Assign product deals to the registration profile to allow the user to get access to deals when they have registered. Use this as a way to promote registrations.
    If you decide to use this approach, then make sure any deals that are assigned to the registration profile, are assigned to user group rules that cover the new users when registered. This will ensure that if the system regenerates the users assigned to the deal, that the new registered users stay assigned to the deal.