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  1. What is TOTECS
  2. TOTECS Projects
  3. How it works
  4. Administration Centre
  5. Trade Interface
  6. Content Managed Website Pages
  7. The Next Step

This document will take you through the basics of what the TOTECS platform is and what it does, as well as how to get started using it.

The TOTECS platform is a computerised system that allows organisations to market their business online using the World Wide Web. It gives the ability for any humans in the world connected to the internet via their computer the ability to find your organisation and trade with you online using a web browser.

What is TOTECS

"TOTECS" is an Ecommerce software platform that allows organisations to create an online presence for themselves, using a standard set of software tools built within the platform. The platform itself is a number of pieces of computer software built together, that is located in centralised location on the internet, also known as "in the cloud" or Software As A Service (SAAS). Rather than organisations hosting their own customised web sites in their own physical office location, the TOTECS platform takes care of all the complexities in developing and serving web content to the organisation's customers and employees. This can free up an organisation's resources to focus on functions which are core to their business.

The TOTECS platform has a major focus on allowing organisations to sell online to other people and organisations, also known as Ecommerce (or Electronic commerce) using web pages. It allows an organisation to sell products to its existing customers, as well as draw in new prospects and customers. Unlike the physical world, the platform allows hundreds or thousands of customers to be all communicating at the same time with an organisation, without any humans having to serve each request. The platform has the tools necessary to support sales, marketing, accounts, warehouse and management staff, through the use of its highly configurable features and settings. 

Another major focus of the platform is to provide the tools that allow an organisation's business systems to be integrated into the platform. This allows a high level of automation to occur and allows data to be managed in one location. This can greatly help cut down costs, as well as reducing errors around business work flows.

Besides Ecommerce, the platform can be used in various different ways by organisations, regardless of whether its being used to sell products or not. It allows an unlimited amount of content managed web sites to be created, that can be greatly customised by graphic designers to meet online objectives that differ from the norm. An example may be an website that is purely dedicated to hosting a forum for a community of people, or a website that promotes blogs. Once you have come to grips with the features that the platform offers, the possibilities are endless on how it can be configured.

TOTECS Projects

When an organisation signs up to TOTECS, a "project" is deployed for them within the platform. A project is like a sandbox, that allows an organisation to configure all their own data, features, platform settings, and play in their own world using the tools that the platform offers. Each organisation has the ability to set up multiple projects if they wish, which allows them to create multiple online personas.

How it works

Project Interfaces

Each TOTECS project is broken up into 3 parts accessable to users by using a Web Browser:

  • Administration Centre
  • Trade interface
  • Content Managed Website pages

Additionally the TOTECS platform has an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows other external computer software to access and modify data within the project.

Project Users

Each TOTECS project has a list of users assigned to it. These users a broken up into:

  • Administration Users
  • Trade Users
  • Content Managed Website Users

Administration Users are allowed to log into a project's Administration Centre. They are allowed to modify settings, features, and data that belongs to a project.

Trade Users are allowed to log into the project's Trade interfaces.

Content Managed Website Users allow users to access a content managed web site created in the project.

Permissions for each of these user types can be configured, which allows or denies users from using variour aspects of the project.

Administration Centre

The Administration Centre gives the the ability to control and manage the data living in a TOTECS project, as well as all the features and users that exist within a project. The Administration Centre also allows you to configure and customise the Trade interface and the Content Managed Website pages.

Once you have been given access to your project, the Administration Centre will be the first place you start in tailoring your business for the web.

Click on the link below to view all interfaces within the Administration Centre that can be used to set up your project.

Trade Interface

The Trade interface is set of fixed web pages that allows a project's users to navigate through and buy products online. Being fixed it means that all the web pages within the Trade interface are set up and ready to go as soon as the TOTECS project is deployed. It also removes the need and worry about setting up web site structures or employing graphic designers (though they can be called upon if you wish to customise the skin).

The web pages in the Trade interface has been tailored to allow repeat registered customers to quickly find and order products, as well as providing other useful tools for these types of users.

These web pages are hidden away from the public users and search engines, which ensures that only the right users are getting access to business data that you have configured to be seen.

Content Managed Website Pages

The Next Step

Once you have signed up with the TOTECS platform you will be given the details on how to access your TOTECS project.

If you haven't signed up yet then have a look at our web site for the different plans available. Visit for more.