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  1. Prerequisites
  2. Area Overview
  3. Area Formats
  4. Area Settings
  5. Dependent Configurations
  6. Recommendations

This document describes how a News Comment Listing area works when being displayed on a content managed web page within the TOTECS platform. This area is used to display a list of comment made by users in relation to a single news/blog item.


Please ensure that you have read and understand the following topic links before reading on.

Area Overview

News Comment Listing area allows guests and/or logged in users who can view a content managed web site to have the ability to view a list of comments that have been made against a single news/blog item. This allows users to see other users comments and provide social engagement between the users on a topic of interest.

The news/blog item that the comments are displayed for is either based on a specific news/blog item being set for the area, or based on the ID of the news/blog item that is set in the webpage's URL

For the user who created the news/blog item, there is the ability for them to mark a comment as an answer. This allows the news/blogs items to be used to post a question, then have other users try to answer it in the comments, such as is used in forum functionality, or a question/answer format.

Area Formats

The area contains the following formats:

News/Blogs Item Comments Listing Header

The format displays once within the area above the list of comments and allows a heading to be set for the comment list.

News/Blog Item Comment Record

This format can display zero-to-many times, based on the number of comments that are assigned to the news/blog item. Each News/Blog Item Comment Record format has hooks that allow the details of the comment to display, as well as information about the user who created the comment.

News/Blogs Item Comments Listing Footer

The format displays once within the area below the list of comments. Use this format to display any text or styling below the list of comments.

Layout of Formats:

News/Blogs Item Comments Header Format
News/Blog Item Comment Format
News/Blog Item Comment Format
News/Blog Item Comment Format
News/Blogs Item Comments HeadeFormat

Area Settings

Below are the following settings that can be configured through the area's editor when modifying the area in the Web Page Editor, within the Administration Centre.

Setting Label Description
Show Comments For Any News/Blog Item: If selected, then the comments that are displayed in the area is determined based on the web page URL containing the ID of the news/blog item. If the ID is not in the URL then the area will not display any detail. If this setting is unticked then it allows admins to set the ID of  the news/blog item in the setting below.
News/Blog Item ID: Set the ID of the news/blog item's comments that display in the area. This setting will only be editable if the above setting is unticked.
Date Format: The setting customises how comment dates are formatted in the News/Blog Item Comment format.
This setting accepts a string of characters according to the Java date string format, details at
For example if the setting is set to YYYY-MMM-dd that will output "2015-Mar-24", where as dd/MM/YY would output "24/03/15".

Dependent Configurations

In order for the the area to display data the following configurations are required to be set up:

  • For a comment to appear in the area, the comment must be marked "approved", or the news/blog item that the comment is assigned against is set to not require comments to be approved. The settings can be configured within the Administration Centre, under the Marketing menu, in the News/Blogs interface.


  • Display this area on the same web page with a News/Blog Item area to allow users to see the the item that the comments have been commented against.
  • Display this area on the same web page with a News Comment Form area to allow users to post up a comment against the news/blog item and have the comment display once it has been posted.
  • You can use this area to create forum like functionality, where the comments are treated as responses to a thread.
  • If the user embedded code, or bold syntax in the the comment, divs will be embedded with comment_markup_code_block, or comment_markup_bold class names. Write CSS styles for these class names to style the comment code and bold blocks.
  • Embed the buttons in the News/Blog Item Comment format to allow the posting user of the news/blog item to be able to mark a comment as an answer. Within the format use the comment_is_answer hook in the class name of a HTML element, this allows you to style a div that can display a message advising that the comment is an answer. For example <div class="comment_answer_[INVALID FORM VAR]">Comment is an answer.</div>, then create css for when the class name evaluates out to comment_answer_N, and comment_answer_Y, to hide or show the div element.