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This glossary describes each of the terms used within the Digital Front Office.


Term Definition
Administration Centre A section of the Xsquizzit TOTECS platform that allows certain users the ability to make changes and view data within the platform. The administration centre is only accessible using a web browser and to users that area marked as being administrators.




Term Definition
B2B - Business to Business

A common achronym referring to businesses trading with other businesses.  B2B covers commercial traders, wholesalers, manufacturers, buying groups.

B2C - Business to Consumer

A common achronym referring to businesses trading with the general public consumer. B2C covers retailers of all sizes and industries trading with consumers.  In some cases, retailers sell to general public or business consumers.  A consumer represents the end of the line for a product flowing down the supply chain.

B2G - Business to Government
A common achronym referring to businesses trading with a Government owned Corporation or Division.





Term Definition
Stands for Electronic Commerce. Facilitating any function of trade via online channels. In the context of XSQUIZZIT, we refer to eCommerce as the method for businesses to trade or offer services over internet technologies. Such technologies include internet protocols, computer hardware, cable/wireless networks, engineered computer software. Other commmon variants are e-commerce and ecommerce. Note, the word has wide scope thus we have capitalised the C to distinguish our version.
eCommerce Platform
A software platform that delivers eCommerce solutions for businesses and their end users.  The software platform incorporates the software, software architecture, programming language, operational framework, cloud related services, 3rd party software and integrations points, release framework, connecting software and all relevant documentation related to the ongoing evolution and use of the platform.






Term Definition
A sequence of characters displayed when the TOTECS platform cannot find a piece of data that it was expecting to exist. This phrase is analogous to a NULL value in programming computer languages. The text can appear when a piece of functionality has been misconfigured, or if there is a bug within the platform.








Term Definition
Online Ordering System A system that uses the internet and the world wide web (WWW) to allow a business receive sales order from their existing or new customers.
Order (noun) An accounting term that denotes a list of items and details of a customer who is requesting goods or services from/to another customer. Orders are typically categorised as being a Sales Order or Purchase order, depending if the customer is recieving the order or sending the order.
Order (verb) The process of creating an Order (see above) and sending the order off.




Term Definition
Production Implementation

The labour performed in order to implement a TOTECS Module or TOTECS Feature, setup data or configure the TOTECS Platform.  

Qualified Implementers:  We recommend you contact XSQUIZZIT to determine if you require a TOTECS Qualified Implementer to implement any changes required.





Term Definition
Service Centre

The division of XSQUIZZIT providing Helpdesk, Ticket Management, System Operations and Account Management services to our clients.

Service Centre Team

The team at XSQUIZZIT available on standby to assist with questions, resolve issues and provide ongoing advice and guidance. The base services are covered by the Software Rental Edition.

Software Rental Edition

A Package Hosting Services (covering IT infrastructure, networking, backups), Data Bandwidth bundled with a set of TOTECS Modules and TOTECS Features covered by a single monthly fee as given by the Monthly Services Agreement.

Service Agreement
The binding Service Agreement between XSQUIZZIT and the client for which the TOTECS Platform is deployed.  The Agreement outlines the Terms and Conditions underpinning the hosting, maintenance and services provided to the client that underpins the operation of their eCommerce Platform(s).



Term Definition
TOTECS Platform

TOTECS stands for Total eCommerice System. The TOTECS Platform is the eCommerce Platform that Xsquizzit develops, hosts and services for its clients (retailers, commercial, wholesalers, manufacturers, business/franchise groups).  The platform comprises of the TOTECS Core Cloud Technologies and TOTECS Live Accounting Connector

Common usage: The term TOTECS Platform can either represents the technology itself or the client's project running on the platform.  For instance the former could be referred as 'The TOTECS Platform has many...' and the latter as 'Please login to your TOTECS Platform'. 

TOTECS Project

The individual instance of the TOTECS Platform that is configured and operates for a given client's online business.

Important Note: Some clients may run multiple TOTECS Projects for different divisions, brands or business entities they operate. Each project can only be connected to one accounting/ERP System.

Offers eCommerce functionality that is made up of one or more TOTECS Features and offers a broad value proposition. It may optionally require Production Implementation.
TOTECS Feature
A unit eCommerce function with a specific core value proposition. A feature may be dependent on one or more Module or standalone.  It may optionally require Production Implementation.
TOTECS Live Accounting System Connector

Refers to the software that connects the client's Accounting/ERP system/s to their TOTECS Platform using the Live data synchronisation protocol developed by XSQUIZZIT.  The Connector runs as a background system service on the client's server and communicates with both the local Accounting/ERP sustem and the client's TOTECS Project in the TOTECS Cloud

The Connector can push or pull data for interval based data updates or it can faciliate Live data requests for time sensitive eCommerce workflows.  The Connector is configured by the TOTECS Client Connector Application which is operated by the client.   

TOTECS Client Connector Application
The software application that allows administrators to configure profile settings, data updates, monitor status and orders for the TOTECS Live Accounting System Connector
TOTECS Core Cloud Technologies

Refers to the underlying TOTECS software technologies developed by XSQUIZZIT. These include the eIT Web Application Framework, DWML Software Language, Apache/Tomcat Clustered Framework, Database Framework and various other 3rd party Frameworks incorporated.

The set of TOTECS Projects running collectively on the TOTECS Platform across the various TOTECS Hive's located around the world.
The set of TOTECS Projects running on the TOTECS Platform deployed as a cluster node within a TOTECS Data Centre.
TOTECS Data Centre
The cluster of hosted servers (including virtualised servers) and networking related hardware that the TOTECS Core Cloud Technologies operate for a given range of public IP Addresses located at a physical technology data centre. 
TOTECS Qualified Implementer
A person who has undergone TOTECS Training and understands how to work with the TOTECS Platform.
TOTECS Agile Monthly Release Cycle

The cycle of software development where updates containing new features, improvements or fixes are applied to the TOTECS Platform on a regular 4 week development cycle.

Note: In some cases, the release timeframe is shortenened or extended to honour project schedules and resource availability.

TOTECS Website Interfaces

The TOTECS Platform includes:

  • Content Management System (CMS) that facilitates flexibile-layout Content Managed Websites amd mobile websites (B2C, B2B, B2G)
  • A fixed layout Commercial Online Store interface (B2B/B2G/Repspace/Punchout).