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  1. Prerequisites
  2. Area Overview
  3. Area Formats
  4. Area Settings
  5. Dependent Configurations
  6. Recomendations

This document describes how a Customer Account Invoice Payment Form area works when being displayed on a content managed web page within the TOTECS platform. This area allows users to pay for a selected list of invoices related to a customer account, that has been obtained in real time from an accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The area allow users to pay for invoices via a credit card payment, or by displaying details of bank account that users can direct deposit money into.


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Area Overview

The Customer Account Invoice Payment area displays either a credit card form, direct deposit bank account details, or both, that allows a user to pay for a given list of invoices (related to the user's assigned customer account) that have been verified in real time from an accounting/ERP system, by making a request through the Connector software that has been configured in the TOTECS project.

If the Connector is able to verfiy that the given invoice list from the accounting/ERP system is valid, then the area will display a format that contains form elements for a credit card payment and/or direct deposit payment within a tailored secure content managed web page.

If TOTECS is unable to connect to the configured project's connector, or the connector is unable to verify the list of invoice data from the accounting/ERP system, then a single format can be tailored to display an error message back the user.

If a credit card payment has been successfully processed, then the area will refresh itself displaying a format that contains a sucess message to the user and receipt number. Alternatively users can mark that they have paid for the invoices via direct deposit, and then the same sucess message format will display in the area (without the receipt number).

The area can provide the following functions:

  • Display a credit card payment form.
  • Display details of a bank account that direct deposit payments can be transferred to.
  • Display the total invoice payment amount to be paid for.
  • Display the credit card receipt number upon successful payment.
  • Submit successful credit card payments to the Connector, to process payments within the accounting/ERP system (dependent on the Connector's adaptor supporting the system)

The invoice list being paid for in the area must be linked to the customer account assigned to the logged in user. If the user is not logged in then the area will not output any data or try to make a request to verify invoice data from the connector. Additionally if no list of invoices have been given to the area then it will not output any data.

Use the Customer Account Invoice Listing content managed web page area to allow users to select invoices, and then be transferred to a page that contains a Customer Account Invoice Payment Form area for them to make payments against.

Area Formats

The area contains the following formats:

Invoice Payment Form

The format displays once within the area when the list of invoice data has been successfully verified from the accounting/ERP system via the connector software. The format contains hooks available to display and position the credit card form, direct deposit banking details, and provide inputs to allow the payments to be processed. The format also contains error message hooks that will display a mesage if a credit card payment fails to be processed, or the invoices cannot be marked as having direct deposit payments made against.

Invoice Payment Success Message

This format displays once within the area after a credit card payment has been successfully processed, or a direct deposit payment has been marked against the invoices. The format contains a hook that allows a receipt number of the credit card payment to be displayed to the user.

Invoice Payment Form Error Message

The format displays when the invoice list could not be verified from the connector. Use this format to display a meaningful mesage to the user to explain that the connection is down, the accounting/ERP system is under maintainence, that their customer account does not exist or that payment for the invoices cannot currently happen.

Area Settings

The area contains no configurable settings within its editor.

Dependent Configurations

In order for the the area to display the payment form the following configurations are required to be set up:

  • The user viewing the area must be assigned to a permission Facility Role that has the My Account Invoice permission set to Allow.
  • The TOTECS project must have the Credit Card Payments Online Store Accounting setting set to ON to allow credit card payments to be processed by the area.
  • The TOTECS project must have the Direct Deposit Online Store Payment settings all have values to allow invoices to marked as paid.
  • The area can only be created on a content managed web page that is using a secure template. The area option will not appear in the Create Area dialog unless the page is a secure page. This ensures that payment details are only sent over secure connections.
  • The user viewing the area must be logged in and assigned to the Content Managed Website interface.
  • The Connector software must be installed on a computer, and have an adaptor configured to connect to an accounting/ERP system that supports obtaining customer account invoice data.
  • The TOTECS project must have the Connector settings configured to be able to make connections to the Connector software, and the configured adaptor.


  • Make sure that the Connector software installed is up to date with the latest version. Older versions may not support the latest standards that TOTECS uses to obtain data from the Connector.
  • Only have one Customer Account Invoice Payment Form area appear on the web page. This will make the page quicker to load by reducing the amount of times TOTECS has to request data from the Connector, and the associated accounting/ERP system.
  • TOTECS can be configured so that once the credit card payment has been successully processed, that it passes the payment details to the connector, which then allows the payment to be inserted into the accounting/ERP system and marked against the paid invoices.