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  1. Prerequisites
  2. Overview

The Administration Centre within the TOTECS platform allows users to manage and configure all aspects of a single project deployed on the TOTECS platform. The Administration Centre is broken up into a collection of interfaces that allows users to view, manage and modify data for a TOTECS project.


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The Administration Centre contains a consistent set of interfaces that all TOTECS projects utilise to allow users to view and modify the data of single project. With every deployed TOTECS project, it will have one Administration Centre available to it. Specific interfaces can be turned on or off based on permissions applied to administrator users, and the features/edition that the TOTECS project is using.

When a new project is deployed onto the TOTECS platform, that project will have been automatically set up with a user that is assigned to the Administration Centre. Upon that user logging in they will be presented with the Administration Centre. An unlimited amount of administrator users can be created so that each person contains their own login ID to log into the Administration Centre.

The Administration Centre is broken up into sections, to make it easier for administrator users to access the wealth of functionality available in the platform. Whole sections can be turned off, or only individual interfaces disabled based on permissions that apply against the user's Admin Role. This allows different administrator people to only access the parts that they need, and not allow other people to mis-manage or access sensitive information that they are not granted to. For example you may have a marketing manager that only needs to access the Marketing section of the Administration Centre, so you can assign them to a permission Admin Role that turns of every menu except for the Marketing menu and its interfaces.

Upon clicking each of the top level menu buttons in the Administration Centre, menus will display that contain links to each interface. Some links may be disabled due to permissions, or a feature not being turned on for the project.