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Here you can learn how TOTECS Ecommerce Platform works. You will find information on the various Ecommerce Business Areas, and Features the platform supports. The Documentation Centre also contains FAQs, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and extensive information giving you the ability to grow your business online with freedom, and ease using the TOTECS platform.

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TOTECS Platform Map

Below the TOTECS platform map displays all the elements that make up the platform, including the users, permissions, interfaces and functionality. Click on the links in the map to learn about an aspect of the platform. Please note that documentation is still currently being written for many aspects of the system, and as such more links will be made available over time. If you have a question about a piece of functionality that does not have any documentation available yet please post your question at the TOTECS forums.

TOTECS Platform Map
Website Users
Trade Users
User Permissions
Admin Role Facility Role
Website Role Inventory Role


Data API



Inventory Users Stores Websites Marketing Data
Products Users Orders

Content Managed

Emedia Messaging Connector Data Imports
Category Trees Customer Accounts Payments Content Managed
News/Blogs Text File Data Imports
Product Attributes Customer Account Contracts Countries and Currency Attachment Libraries Rss Feeds Editions
Product Combinations Account Enquiry Order Surcharges Image Libraries Trade Advertising Data API
Product Groups User Permissions Minimum Order Web Page Area Formats User Subscription Categories  
Product Reviews Purchaser Manager Approvals Order Options Regions Marketing User Groups  
Product Flags User Registration Profiles Basket Product Fields   News/Blog Group Categories  
Product Alternate Codes Related Users Express Checkout Profiles      
Product Images Sales Representatives Order Submission Profiles      
Product Attachments User Baskets        
Related Products User Shopping Lists        
Tax Codes          
Price Levels          
Search Profiles          
Product Diagnostics          
Missing Images and Descriptions          
Related Products          
Product Image          
Inventory Users Stores Websites Marketing Data
Categories General General General Marketing Settings Connector
Products User Registration Accounting     Squizz.com
Images   Basket     Data API
Kitted Products   Organisation      
    Product Search      
    Model Search      

Content Managed


Area Types

Inventory Users Online Store Websites Marketing  
Model areas User Login/Logout areas Order Checkout areas Content Managed Webpage Areas Emarketing areas  
Make Listing User Login Order Print Form Free Draw Emedia Subscription Form  
Model Attribute Related Users Listing Order Checkout/Submission Enquiry Form areas Email Unsubscribe  
Model Detail User Registration areas Guest Order Checkout/Submission Enquiry Form Emedia Unsubscribe Form  
Model Search Listing User Registration Shopping Basket areas Image Gallery areas News/Blogging areas  
Model Product User/Account Management areas Product Quick Add Form Image Window Gallery News Comment Form  
Model Search Form User Details/Favourites/Orders Basket Summary Image Gallery Upload Form News Comment Listing  
Product areas User/Account Menu Basket Products Heading Thumb Image Gallery News/Blogs Crumbs  
Product Combination Shopping Lists Listing Basket Products Listing Website Sitemap areas News/Blogs Forum  
Product Group Shopping List Attachments List Basket Product Details Alpabetical Sitemap Product News Listing  
Product Detail Shopping List Attachment Upload Form   Tier Sitemap News/Blog Item  
Product Detail (Random Product) Shopping List Products     News Item Form  
Related Products Listing Shopping List Shared User List     News/Blog Group Items Listing  
Product Attribute Shopping List Sharing Form     Product Deal areas  
Product Review Form User Detail     Deals Listing  
Product Review Listing User Locale     Product Deals Listing  
Product Category areas User Viewed Products     Redeemable Deals and Vouchers Form  
Category Listing Account Enquiry areas     Redeemable Deal Products Listing  
Category Scroll Customer Account Detail        
Category Crumbs Customer Account Invoice        
Category Heading Customer Account Invoice Listing        
Search areas Customer Account Invoice Payment Form        
Product Search Results Listing          
Product Search Results Scroll          
Product Search Form (Usering Search Profiles)          
Product Search Form